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GoXML Messaging for secure and reliable e-Business Web Services

A new release, GoXML Messaging 3.0 addresses the issue of Web services security, which Pacific Data Works analyst Andrew Binstock says is "the biggest obstacle to exposing Web services to defined groups or the public". In his recent Software Development Times article Binstock adds, "[The issue of] Security, of course, appears even with internal applications, such as intranets."

GoXML Messaging now empowers businesses to publish Web services that offer security guarantees for business documents such as invoices, health records and digital images.

Key features of GoXML Messaging 3.0 include:

  • certified for ebXML Message Service 2.0 interoperability - eBusinessReady™
  • support for ebXML CPA 2.0 trading partner agreements
  • persistent message storage to guarantee reliable messaging
  • an easy-to-use Java API
  • no proprietary server software required
  • operate as a lightweight web application or as a small-footprint embeddable software component
  • enable existing applications to exchange documents securely and reliably over intranets and the Internet.

Click here to view the product details.

GoXML Messaging 3.0 is available for evaluation - follow this link to the XML Global evaluation center.

Whitepaper: Enabling Applications with Reliable Messaging

You’ve heard of Enterprise messaging solutions but what is ebXML message service and how do these relate?

ebXML message service is Internet friendly, has the reliability and security features that enterprise users require, is suited for XML business payloads and most importantly, it's receiving endorsements from major industry associations such as STAR, AIAG, and the Uniform Code Council (UCC).

Get the details in the whitepaper, "Enabling Applications with Reliable Messaging", which describes the features of the ebXML Message Service specification, and in particular how this service has been implemented in the GoXML Messaging product.

Download the whitepaper “Enabling Applications with Reliable Messaging” (PDF file) today.

eBusinessReady™ program

XML Global is happy to announce that GoXML Messaging 3.0 is now an eBusinessReady™ certified product!

The eBusinessReady program was created jointly by Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC) and Drummond Group, Inc. (DGI) as an industry-neutral software compliance and interoperability testing program . GoXML Messaging was one of the products that completed the program's ebXML Messaging 2.0 interoperability testing.

"An eBusinessReady certified product enables software users to save implementation costs and truly utilize open communication across their supply chain."

~ Michael Di Yeso
executive vice president and COO of the UCC

Learn more about the eBusinessReady program.

XML Global named "Ready to Rocket 25"

XML Global was one of the twenty-five BC companies named "Ready to Rocket 25" by Rocket Builders, a consulting group focused on helping technology companies identify and capitalize on market opportunities.

Rocket Builders has 75 years of collective experience in the technology sector, and has established itself as one of the leading advisors for technology companies today. The process of choosing the twenty-five companies for the "Ready to Rocket 25" list involved mapping hundreds of technology companies against the key trends identified in their newly published "I.T. Outlook" report for 2003.

Find more information on their selection process and read their press release here.

Breaking News

XML Global Technologies, Inc. announced that Paradigm Group has completed the balance of the $2 million financing previously announced on August 23, 2002.

Read the full press release.

Webinar Archives

Many Webinar registrants couldn't attend the live presentations XML Global held in the past. We have replays of each Webinar available from our website that you can access anytime online.

Title: Streamline your information with BPi
Generate maximum value out of business integration with a Business Process solution that can be implemented and deployed in a matter of days!

Title: Integrate and save with Transform
Guest speaker: Andre Sauve, Uniboard Inc.
Learn about GoXML Transform and how Uniboard implemented it to integrate its ERP and legacy applications.

Title: Simplifying complex integration
Hear about our code-free solution that will allow you to perform complex integration in a matter of hours!

View any of these recorded sessions at your convenience.

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